Our writers groups are the heart beat of the literary community here at the Townsville Writers & Publishers Centre.

“Stories help make sense of things. They make you believe you can do things. They help you imagine that things may be different, if you have just enough courage, or faith or goodness, you can change things for the better.”

Kate Forsyth, The Wild Girl

At the Townsville Writers & Publishers Centre four writers groups meet every month:


Speculative Fiction

The Speculative Fiction writers group is for writers who utilize many genres including, but not limited to, science-fiction, fantasy and horror. We aim to support both aspiring and experienced writers and to hopefully open opportunities to publish their works.


Verb Writers Group

The Verb writers group is for writers and poets who are interested in connecting with like-minded creatives, developing skills in writing techniques and receiving feedback on their works-in-progress.


Emerge Writers Group

Emerge writers group is for 13 to 17 year olds who want to meet young writers and stretch their writing skills to create amazing stuff like short plays, micro fiction and poetry.
We aim to help students look for real life audiences and chances to get published.


Romance Writers Group

This group is aimed for the romantically inclined creative writer who would like to engage with other passionate wordsmiths across North Queensland who enjoy the genre.


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